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Making YouTube videos

  9th February 2021


Whether you are constructing a corporate video production or a promotional video for your small business, its all the same principles.

A decent high definition video camera, a good quality tripod, a video production lighting kit and a good quality sound kit will get you started. Think about what you want your video to say. Think about the content that will make your video production standout and think about your video production script and the rhythm.

Making a YouTube video film can get viewers very excited about your product, if it is constructed in the correct way. There are filming rules of which, we professionals stick to, though sometimes a video production works best when some rules are broken. Over the coming weeks ONTV LTD will be highlighting various tips on


Video Lighting

Video Filming

Audio Sound Recording

Video Editing

Video Graphics

Video Presentation

Video Script Writing


Feeling passionate about your production and being organised, will give you the best results.

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