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Price List

About Us Video

Inform your clients about your business in a more engaging and memorable way.

Prices start from £599

A Message From… Video

“A Message From…” video can help connect Senior Management to employees and other stakeholders.

Prices start from £599

Brand Videos

Gives you a competitive edge against your competitors. Can establish positive and memorable brand image and messages.

Prices start from £2,100

Client Testimonial Video

Provides credible proof – proves that you really are as good as you say you are.

Prices start from £550

Corporate Media Training

Our journalists are great media trainers. Our courses are tailored to the specific issues you are facing.

Prices start from £1,495

Corporate Video Production

Promote all areas of your company locally and globally. Show your scope and capability.

Prices start from £1,950

Day in a Life Video

A Day in a Life video invites your clients into your business to see how it works. It can help establish confidence amongst investors in your product.

Prices start from £2,300

Demonstration Videos

Engages and informs the consumer about your product. Offers a visual way to showcase your product and explains how to use it.

Prices start from £995

Event Video

An event video will capture the essence of the event and can showcase the creativity and/or expertise of your business.

Prices start from £1,999

Press Video

A press video can be filmed in the comfort of your office or boardroom. It can be uploaded to your website or distributed to the broadcast networks.

Prices start from £699

Promotional Videos

A promotional video offers a quick way to get across your key marketing messages. It can offer an intriguing insight into your company in a matter of minutes.

Prices start from £2,999

Training Video

A Training Video can save important time and resources. It helps establish overall standards and consistency amongst staff.

Prices start from £3,499

Video Case Studies

It’s a fact that a good video case study can be an effective marketing tool as it tells credible success stories.

Prices start from £799

Video Message for your Website

Demonstrate your products and services on your website in a modern and compelling way with a video message to your visitors.

Prices start from £399

Video Newsletter

Video newsletters can help keep employees informed of company news and developments.

Prices start from £650