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Video CV Recruitment B2B

ID-10040852The Facts

A video CV will get your candidates in front of potential employers faster than the conventional paper CV. Its convenient, time saving and effective. Our Video CV service is designed to inform and showcase people moving to new employers or looking for business and organisations opportunities around the world.

How can it work for you?

We will provide our production service to you 7 days a week anywhere in the world. We will also provide connectivity with your clients to screen your potential candidates fast. We will interact with your current computer settings from basic to professional CRM systems.

ONTV can highly enhance your client recruitment and placements leading to growth and results.


A Video CV can help promote all areas of your prospective placements locally and globally. It can help inform current and potential clients about your business in a more engaging, memorable and dynamic way. It’s the new age what are you waiting for? A good business needs innovation and endurance, which equals growth.

Contact us for a quote. Pricing is competitive and our product is sustainable which aims to provide an excellent service for your business throughout, from production to completion.