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Video Newsletter

The Facts

Research suggests that recipients of a video newsletter are up to twelve times more likely to watch a three minute video than to read a printed digital newsletter.

How can it work for you?

  • A video newsletter can be used within e-newsletters as an engaging alternative to generic text newsletters.
  • It can be sent weekly or monthly to communicate important messages in B2B or B2C campaigns.
  • A video newsletter can be used in conjunction with other internal communication strategies.
  • In the financial sector, a video newsletter can be used to communicate important market updates.


  • A simple link to your video newsletter can achieve a higher click-through rate.
  • Video newsletters can help keep employees informed of company news and developments.
  • A video newsletter makes it easier and more attractive for people to click through to take in your message.
  • We accommodate all budgets and aim to provide an excellent service for you throughout.