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  24th March 2021

  Tell your Story If you want to tell your story and step up your video marketing for 2021, now’s a good time to do it.   We’re offering a 10% discount on all our video marketing packages until 5pm 26th June 2021 – a special promotion for UK businesses. We all have a voice but […]

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Basic Video Lighting Tips.

  21st March 2021

  Video production lighting can make or break your video production. A basic ONTV LTD lighting setup tip, is the 3-point lighting setup. There are 3 lights, a key light, a fill light and a backlight. The Key Light If you are filming a subject doing a presentation to the video camera, the key light […]

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Making YouTube videos

  9th February 2021

Whether you are constructing a corporate video production or a promotional video for your small business, its all the same principles. A decent high definition video camera, a good quality tripod, a video production lighting kit and a good quality sound kit will get you started. Think about what you want your video to say. […]

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  4th April 2020

JUMP START YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE Filming and recordings are carried out remotely over the internet These challenging times require innovative solutions. The ONTV Business Channel provides a platform to market your company to a wider audience online, helping you to grow your client base and increase profits. We help you to Interact effectively with your […]

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ONTV Seminar 16th January 2020.

  3rd January 2020

Seminar 16th January 2020. How can video production work for you and your business Video is a dynamic way of keeping your customers and clients up to date with whats going on in your business. Video can carry on selling your product even whilst you are away from your computer and will work on a […]

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New year, New deals, Attractive prices

  1st January 2020

  10% Discount on the following ONTV LTD services Promotional videos Event Filming Training Videos   Offer ends 31st Jan 2020 Happy New Year ONTV LTD TEAM

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